Change in Update Cadence

Hello Everyone! 

I have some good news and bad news I wanted to share with folks.  The good news is that I was accepted into my top MBA program at London Business School!  The bad news is that I know that's going to taking over most of my time going forward and I will no longer be able to maintain my review cadence of 3 reviews a week.

I will make sure to have reviews posted every Friday and shoot for another one at some point earlier in the week as well.  That being said, I hope you'll be patient with me as I juggle changing priorities and schedules in the interim!

Happy Reading,



July Monthly Update: Where did Summer Go?

Happy Summer!

Happy Summer everyone, it's hard to believe that we're well halfway through the summer.  I've even see the "Back to School" advertisements starting on TV, which seems like a bit much.  I have some big news to share and that's that I'll be moving to London in two weeks!  (Oh, and I got engaged not too long ago!)  With all those big events, I've had lots of reasons to have some champagne!

This big change, in addition to some intense work at the job that paid the bills meant that I've had a bit of radio silence recently.  That being said, I've had some fantastic reads that I'm excited to share.  My favorites from the summer so far have included "Mistborn", "Palm Trees in the Snow", "The Emerald Mile" and "Where'd You Go Bernadette".  I've also been working through some of the books laying around the house (so they don't get put into storage or shipped with me) so I have some fun reads coming out soon including "The Immortals", "Whispering in French" and "Thin Ice".

What have been your favorite summer reads?  

Happy Reading!

April Monthly Update: Happy April!

Spring has Sprung!

Happy April everyone, I hope you’re starting to get a touch of the warm weather I’ve been enjoying the past week.  I’ve been travelling across the country and it’d been odd to go from snow in one state to 80 degree weather in the next.

This month, I’ve been continuing by project of reducing the TBRpile starting with “Dune”, “Loving Mr. Darcy”, “The Rise and Fall of the Gallivanters” and “The Museum of Extraordinary Things”.  It’s been going well, but very difficult to resist reading some of the new releases that have come out this year so far!  Most of all however, I’m looking forward to the release of “A Court of Wings and Ruin” by Sarah J. Maas that’s set to come out May 2nd.  Only one more week!

Anyone out there bullet journal fans?  Have any of you used it for reading activities?  I’ve been toying with applying a few new templates, but haven’t decided what would be the best way to track it.  There are a lot of options there. 

Happy Reading!

October Monthly Update: Have a Spooky Halloween!

Things have been a little calmer this October and the weather can't seem to decide if it's still summer or winter.  Today it's in the high 70's but last week it was in the 40's!  We have had some absolutely stunning sunrises and sunset through.  I just with that we weren't already back to the "driving to work in the dark" season.

What have I been up to?

  • Squeeeing over the Six of Crows series sequel "Crooked Kingdom"
  • I finally got a chance to check out the "A Court of Thorns and Roses" series and oh my goodness, it's a challenger to "Throne of Glass".  The second book just blew my mind!
  • Reading "Do Androids Dream of Sheep?" with my book club on Habitica.  The book is apparently the inspiration for "Blade Runner", but I haven't gotten a chance to watch the movie yet.  Based on the previews I've seen I'm somewhat curious to see what the connection is going to be.
  • Getting into the spooky season by reading "The Accident Season" which I absolutely adored.  It's one that will keep you on your toes without giving you nightmares!

Book Haul: I've resisted new books this month since I've been trying to rely more on the library.  I did however get the new "Alien Mine" the latest in the Pruxnae season that just came out!  I love Lucy Varna's stuff, highly recommended!

Literary Thoughts:  Here were some of my favorite literary articles I dug up this month!

What are the books you've been digging into?

Happy Reading!

September Monthly Updates

Fall Book Corner

Fall has FALLEN!

Too soon?  I don't think so, I am definitely a fan of the cooler temperatures, football being back (although, come on Irish - get your act in gear) and SKI SEASON being around the corner!  In Colorado we've already had a few snow storms up in the mountains and I am so excited to get into it.  In the mean time, I have a busy fall coming up with weddings, family events and the last minute stuff that already comes up.  

What else have I been up to?

  • Finally took that exam I've been studying for all summer!  Huzzah!

  • Re-watching the "Ocean's 11" series.  Having finished the much awaited "Empire of Storms" by Sarah J. Maas had me thinking about how complex plot lines manage to come together.  

  • Reading the archive of webcomic "Scandinavia and the World", which is a funny commentary on the state of the world, history and shenanigans from a Scandinavian viewpoint.  Each character represents a country, but be fore-warned, it can be a little risque at times.

Book Haul:


I haven't done a proper giveaway in a while - what would you most like to get?  Books, bookish swag or a giftcard?

What are the books you've been digging into?

Happy Reading!

August Monthly Updates

Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks

Old Crow Medicine Show at Red Rocks

I'm back!

After my month-long hiatus to focus on life, it's good to get back into my reading schedule.  While I was away I re-listened to the Harry Potter books during my commute to work so be prepared for some official reviews on those coming up!  I was rereading the series in advance of the release of "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" - have you read it yet??  What were your thoughts?  See my spoiler-free review here.  Once the play has been out a little longer, I am planning on doing a deep dive on my thoughts.

What else have I been up to?

  • Studying!  I am thinking about going back to school and have been studying like a fiend for the standardized entrance exam.  
  • Watching the Olympics of course!  I haven't been able to watch as  much as I'd like with my study schedule, but I've certainly been hitting up the highlights whenever I can.  I think this year there has been more coverage of some of the smaller sports, but perhaps that's just selective memory.
  • Re-reading the archive slice of life webcomic "The Devil's Panties", which is a great couple minute escape when I can't committ to getting into a book.  It's a comic about everyday life, frustrations of moving and lots of great nerd content.  No, it's not what the title sounds like.

Book Haul:

Of course since I have been too busy to keep up with reading, I've been spending too much time adding books to the "To Be Read" pile.  My most recent additions are:

What are the books you've been digging into?

Happy Reading!

July Monthly Updates

As you may have seen from my Facebook Update, for the first time in a year and a half of running Reading to Distraction I'm going to take a short break for a month.  I am currently in the process of studying for a big test and I decided that something had to give.  Never you fear though, I am 100% going to be coming back mid-August!  I already have some great reviews in mind...

In the mean time, I will still be posting articles and literary-themed things that I find on Facebook / Twitter.  Let me know if you find anything fantastic!

That's all for now!  See you next month,

June Monthly Updates

It's been really quiet...

But that doesn't mean a lack of activity! I apologize the lack of updates in, well a very long time.  I've been up to a bunch!  Last year I had a few changes going on work-wise, savoring my move to Colorado (living outside) and that meant that I just didn't manage to keep up with the Reading Challenge updates.  Never you fear, if you want to hear some of my thoughts, all of the challenge discussions from last year were posted and can be found in the titles here!  

What else has been going on?

In February I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a charity fundraiser with work (you can see me in the neon blue hat on the right), which was one of the biggest and most amazing adventures I've ever done.  Mountain conquering is definitely something I'll continue.  I have been training for a bunch (read: way too many) running and biking races this summer and, naturally, reading like a fiend!  I just got back from vacation a week ago and I spent that time re-reading some of my long-time favorites by Tamora Pierce.

The Book Shelf

This year, my favorites so far have been finally reading the "Throne of Glass" and "Cinder" series as well as some new releases like "All the Feels", "The Three Body Problem" and "The Summer Guest".

I'm most looking forward to tacking some of the books in **drumroll please** the2016 Reading Challenge, which was inspired by BookRiot's "100 Must-Read Sci-Fi / Fantasy Books by Female Authors" article.  There are a TON on here that I have been meaning to read and way more than I've never even heard of!  Last year's challenge introduced me into some amazing books so I'm looking forward to some additional discovery.

That's all for now!  See you next month,

Updates in Progress!

Hello Everyone,

I am hard at work making updates to the website, so please be patient while I am making the changes.  In the short-term some content may not work, but I am working to fix it as soon as possible.  Some of the changes will include: making it easier to see the genre of each review, updates to the scheduling and updates to features on the blog.

Thanks for your patience!


2015 New Years Resolutions


I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions, but this year, I’m going to make some resolutions for Reading To Distraction.  For accountability, I’m posting them here!  Feel free to send motivation or friendly mocking if it looks like I’m not keeping my word!

We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.
— Edith Lovejoy Pierce


Reading To Distraction 2015 Resolutions

  1. Read a greater variety of genres. - Much in the style of Rachel over at The Book Eaters, I have realized that I have fallen into the habit reading books that are “easy”.  And beyond the “easy” books, I will often default to a nice fantasy, romance or young adult book just because they are a quick escape from day to day life.  I will not by any means stop reading these books, but much like indulging in a favorite candy – variety in my reading diet is good.  As such, I am going to set a loose guideline for books:
    • Sunday – “Series Sunday” – On Sundays I will write reviews of series that I have previously left a review for the first book in the series.  I wouldn’t want to have three reviews in a row on the same series, as it may not be interesting to all readers.  That would get quite tedious for those not interested in the series!
    • Monday – “Mystery Monday” – Any Mystery/Thriller/Suspense
    • Tuesday – Romance!
    • Wednesday – “Wildcard Wednesday” – This will be reserved for anything that strikes my fancy such as young adult, poetry or additional fiction.
    • Thursday – Non-Fiction – Biography/Art/History/Sciences
    • Friday – “Figment Friday” – Fiction /Fantasy/Science-Fiction
    • Saturday – “Saturday Morning Cartoons” - Comics/Graphic Novels
  2. Maintain daily posts whenever possible or a minimum of 3 books a week.   
    • I have had a great streak so far of daily book reviews, but I do not know how long I will be able to maintain this.  I certainly don’t think I can read a book everyday until I quit my day job and devote all my time to reading!  In the mean time, I will continue to post as often as possible.  I am hoping when I drop down, that I can simply drop to 5 a week, but we’ll see.
  3. Reading Challenge!
    • If you haven’t heard already, I’m hosting a Reading Challenge! I am VERY excited about this and am really looking forward to reading many of the books on this list.  This book list is a grand total of 44 books and going back to resolution number 1, will add some easy and some challenge books.
  4. Guest Posts - I would like to try to have guest posts once a month on the site.
  5. Book Club - Maintain book club once every two months.

There may be other things that I add to my list as the year goes on, but I think this will certainly be enough to keep me busy in the upcoming months!

What are your bookish New Year Resolutions?