Notes and Guidelines for Author/Publisher Review Requests

Are you an author or publisher looking for a review?  Great!  See all of my guidelines under FAQ.  I am NOT currently accepting requests. I am happy to consider any and all review requests, but please note:

  • I DO NOT necessarily read books in order! I rank books based on interest when I receive the request and then it is based on availability. If the book doesn't interest me, I'll let you know. So many books, so little time!

  • I respond to all review requests. If you didn't get an email back from me within 3-4 days, it probably means the email was lost in matrix!

  • I hate to say it, but may not like the book! If you are not okay with the potential for a bad review, we will not be a good fit. I will reach out to you if the book is something I immediately know I won't finish, but otherwise I reserve the right to provide my honest thoughts. I appreciate it if your response to my thoughts is gracious even if not what you were hoping for.

  • Please include clearly: Title, synopsis, any helpful links and whether you'd be open to a giveaway, author interview, guest post etc.