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I Love Books!

Thanks for visiting!  Reading to Distraction is a tribute to my love for books and all things literature related.  I hope you enjoy visiting my site.  Please feel free to keep in touch by clicking one of the buttons to the right.

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Miscellaneous Thoughts

I have MASSIVE wanderlust, love to get outside as much as I can, and tend to ignore the rest of the world one book at a time (much to the occasional annoyance of my friends and family).  At the moment I live in the wonderful city of Denver though you will find me in other cities as often as not since I travel for work.  As time goes on you may see a few thoughts and notes about my ridiculous travels or any other book inspired moments since they go hand-in-hand for me.

No matter what seems to be going on and no matter how hectic life gets, I always seem to have time to read.  Reading to Distraction is a result of my love for reading and my love to share a good book.  On this site you can expect to see book reviews, author interviews, literary news, and any other book-related ideas that strike my fancy.  

So sit back, relax (or be uncomfortable and tense - it's up to you) and subscribe to my posts by email (on the contact or home page) to join on the reading adventure!