Something New

Something New


A funny and whip-smart new book about the institution of marriage in America told through the lens of her recent engagement and wedding…. The graphic novel tackles the all-too-common wedding issues that go along with being a modern woman: feminism, expectations, getting knocked over the head with gender stereotypes, family drama, and overall wedding chaos and confusion. (Summary and cover courtesy of


Having seem multiple of my close friends go through the pains (and occasional fun) of wedding planning, this graphic novel caught my eye.   (Actually if I’m honest, since I love Lucy Knisley, I probably would have picked it up regardless of context!) In it, I think Knisley does a really good job of portraying an honest, introspective and often very funny perspective of her experience through the year leading up to her wedding.  There are so many things people are told you “have” to do, it was refreshing to see someone saying “no” to the overblown industry.

The book is a mixture of histories of tradition, a documentation of the event and a discussion on the topics that Knisley had mixed feelings on and I’d definitely recommend giving it a read!

Warning: May have you super interested in DIY Pinterest activities.

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Anyone who is about to go through, has been through, or has ever been around wedding planning.