The Letting

The Letting


What if the Devil doesn’t know he’s the Devil? 

This is the question Veronica “Ronnie” Billings poses to Phoenix, her sworn enemy, the leader of the Peaceful Revolution, and the one she loves.

Kidnapped by Phoenix’s rebels, Ronnie learns how wrong she has been. She had no idea that her patriotism was wasted on a corrupt government. Ronnie was proud to be a Leader; taking hundreds of harvested girls to the Letting facility. After all, she was saving them from future Couplings and bringing them to the safety of the New World. Or so she thought…

Confused, Ronnie realizes the only way to discover the truth is to trust her heart. Together, Phoenix and Ronnie devise a plan to stop their corrupt government and preempt the dangerous rebel coup which is approaching. But when their plan goes awry, will Ronnie be strong enough to save Phoenix, her country, and herself? (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of the author.


This book had a premise that was completely unique to me.  The dystopian approach wasn’t something I’ve encountered before, which was a refreshing and interesting twist though a little creepy.  The characters are extremely well developed too, which I related to very well.  Veronica goes through some reasonable changes in her attitude towards the government and Phoenix so I was able to forgive the insta-love that could have otherwise felt like a bit much. 

At times I was a little confused as to where the plot was going, but it gave the story more of a thriller vibe than a more predictable young adult book.  It took a bit for the style to grow on me, but in the end I enjoyed it.  I’m looking forward to reading the sequel in the New Year!  Just be forewarned, there is a definite cliff hanger ending.

Warning: Contains violence and some sexual content.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Dystopian fans who are interested in a mild thriller or horror twist!

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