December Monthly Update: Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a nice time over the holidays doing whatever your tradition happens to be!  I spent a lot of time relaxing with family, skiing (a lot) and taking an Avalanche level 1 course!  (That means I know just how terrified I should be of them now. ) On the plus side, see above for a backcountry route we did in Rocky Mountain National Park.    

Year in review:

  • I did a little thinking and narrowed this year's favorite books to Throne of Glass (series), The Three-Body Problem and Ready Player One.  These are all books I continue to think about on a regular basis and really stuck with me.  What were your favorites this year?
  • Continuing progress on the 2016 Reading Challenge - it has definitely introduced me to some awesome female authors.  A few posted recently and a couple more upcoming!
  • Still on my graphic novel kick!  I just picked up a bunch at the library and am looking forward to reading them.  

Book Haul:

  • Over Christmas my dad got me "Harry Potter and the Art of Spying" and I also received "The Awakening of HR Derryberry"
  • Guns, Germs and Steel
  • The Emerald Mile 

Coming up next, I'm most excited to read Rejected Princesses, the new A Court of Wings and Ruin (coming in May!) and the upcoming Lucy Varna books (yay Daughter of the People!).

    What are the books you've been digging into?

    Happy Reading!