June Monthly Updates

It's been really quiet...

But that doesn't mean a lack of activity! I apologize the lack of updates in, well a very long time.  I've been up to a bunch!  Last year I had a few changes going on work-wise, savoring my move to Colorado (living outside) and that meant that I just didn't manage to keep up with the Reading Challenge updates.  Never you fear, if you want to hear some of my thoughts, all of the challenge discussions from last year were posted and can be found in the titles here!  

What else has been going on?

In February I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of a charity fundraiser with work (you can see me in the neon blue hat on the right), which was one of the biggest and most amazing adventures I've ever done.  Mountain conquering is definitely something I'll continue.  I have been training for a bunch (read: way too many) running and biking races this summer and, naturally, reading like a fiend!  I just got back from vacation a week ago and I spent that time re-reading some of my long-time favorites by Tamora Pierce.

The Book Shelf

This year, my favorites so far have been finally reading the "Throne of Glass" and "Cinder" series as well as some new releases like "All the Feels", "The Three Body Problem" and "The Summer Guest".

I'm most looking forward to tacking some of the books in **drumroll please** the2016 Reading Challenge, which was inspired by BookRiot's "100 Must-Read Sci-Fi / Fantasy Books by Female Authors" article.  There are a TON on here that I have been meaning to read and way more than I've never even heard of!  Last year's challenge introduced me into some amazing books so I'm looking forward to some additional discovery.

That's all for now!  See you next month,