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Today's guest post is brought to you by Justin C. Trout, author of "Enaya: Solace of Time"

Enaya: Solace of Time

Most people judge a book by its cover even after being warned not to. I’ve done it. I’ve picked up a book and decided against it. Although there are great books with bad covers, it’s hard to look past something that you see. It’s almost like love at first sight. With that said, the cover has to be important. It’s the first thing that people see. It’s the first thing that attracts the people to it and chances are, people might like it depending on how your cover looks. The cover is very important and needs to be carefully thought out. I recommend going through Deranged Doctor Design if you are self­publishing. They did my cover and I was in love the first time I saw it. Not because it looked good, but because it revolved around my story. On the back cover you see the futuristic city and airships heading toward a castle between the letter M and E in the word TIME. That’s important because it is a pivotal point in the book. It’s that scene that they captured that will hook people in the novel. I also have seen book covers that have nothing to do with the actual book. If your book is about a chief who falls in love with a serial killer, then you don’t need a cover that shows a avalance swallowing a town filled with robots. I’ve not seen a cover that outrageous, but you get the point. The cover has to stick. You also pull in interested people. People might not read the genre you write, but your cover could get them interested. You can also tell what a book is about by it’s cover. I can look at a cover with a submarine on it and a torpedo and I can assume what the book is about. I could see a cover with a mouse sneaking cheese into a base board and I have an idea what the book might be about. People need to see the cover and immediately have an association to what the book could potentially be about. So the book cover process is important. Deranged Doctor Design sent me the cover and I approved it. That’s what made it great. They didn’t just assign the book a cover, I got to choose if it was what was necessary or not. I think author’s deserve this freedom as well, especially if you are paying the book cover business to do it.

About the Author:

Justin Trout

Justin C. Trout was born in Richlands, V.A. Justin spent a majority of his childhood writing stories. When he was in kindergarten, he shared his first “dinosaur” story with his classmates. With a passion to draw and share his stories, Justin began writing novels when he was only 12 years old. It was at this age that the Enaya series was born. He wrote a majority of the first drafts while he attended Lebanon High School. As he got older, Justin worked several odd jobs such as fast food, cashier, work study and retail. Justin decided to go back to college to obtain his degree where he could work in the mental health profession. It was in college when he decided to pursue publishing. Obtaining a master’s in education with specialization in counseling from Lindsey Wilson College, Justin is a children’s therapeutic day treatment counselor and an avid writer. He has also appeared in a number of short films and recently wrote and directed his first indie film, "Fade Out". "Enaya: Solace of Time" is book 1 in an 8 part series.

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