How to Read a Boring Book for College: Get Pleasure from This

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Without any exaggeration, college gives young people a chance to get in touch with the worldwide literature and become well-educated thanks to it. Sure, some of these novels have changed your personality greatly. However, sometimes students receive an extremely boring book and are afraid that they cannot read it without falling asleep. As a result, a teenager gets a bad grade at the college or simply spends hours on reading this boring thing and cannot memorize anything from it. Of course, it is a pity anyway. Are there any ways of dealing with this problem? The majority of students will answer that the only solution is ignoring such assignments and saving their time from boring reading. Do not forget that such a behavior leads only to negative grades, a bad reputation or even dropping out. Hence, it is much more important to be able to cope with boring books quickly and effectively.

Know Your Goals

As a rule, young people read boring books because they must do it for classes or some other purposes. Anyway, they simply have no choice as this task is obligatory for them. Hence, you should know the main reason why you have to read this. Maybe, it is a good mark or teacher’s appreciation. Sometimes young people read these boring papers because they set a goal to improve themselves and get some essential knowledge. It is a perfect target, and you have to keep this in mind while reading. In this way, you will not give up too quickly and complete your task even if it is truly boring.

Set Small Targets

It is important to have not only a great target which makes you read boring materials but also set some small aims every day. It will help you not to forget about the main reason why you have to work on this assignment. For example, you can establish a minimal number of words you have to read per day. It will help you to avoid too long gaps in the process of reading which usually cause forgetting of the main points of the texts. Moreover, you will be able to prevent the time pressure and deal with a task effectively. It usually happens that students postpone their reading or do this irregularly. As a result, they have to cope with this assignment during a few last days before a class. Having a plan makes you free from suffering from approaching deadlines because you know how much time you need for finishing this book.

Get Rid of Distractions

The best way of coping with boring reading is getting rid of distractions. It often happens that students work near a turned on TV or laptop. They can even listen to music or talk on their phone while reading. Sure, you may deal with an assignment quickly, but the results of your work will have a poor quality. You will probably forget everything you have read. It leads to an impossibility to take part in class discussions and talk about the main points of this book. Hence, your task is to find a quiet and comfortable place for reading with all items you need for it. Do not forget to ask your family and friends not to disturb you. It will help you to concentrate; and do not lose your focus during the reading.

Develop a True Interest

Sure, the main problem can be in your attitude to a certain subject. It often happens that students hate some classes because of some personal reasons. As a result, they have no desire to read books on this subject and learn anything. The best solution to this problem is developing a true interest in this field. You should just open up new facts and statements about it. Even the most boring things may be amusing in case you have a correct approach to them. It is a good idea to watch some films about this subject or discover several fantastic facts which prove its usefulness. You should keep in mind that the problem sometimes exists only in your mind and it can be easy to get rid of it in real life.

Clear Your Mind

It is vital to clear up your mind from all the unnecessary thoughts and get rid of stressfulness and disturbance. If you are busy with something else except reading a book, you will probably not be able to focus your attention on the text, especially if it is not interesting for you. Moreover, you will simply read it without memorizing anything at all. As a result, it will be a completely useless process. How can you clear your mind? It is a pretty good idea to try yoga or meditation. The effectiveness of these methods is proven by thousands of students. In addition, it is important to have enough rest and never sacrifice your sleep in order to finish a book. It will simply make your productivity lower and you will forget everything in the morning. 

Highlight Important Points

The best thing you can do while reading boring books, especially if you have to memorize this material, is highlighting some significant points in the text. As a result, you will be able to use them later in the class and answer teacher’s questions quickly. You can also encounter some tasks related to this book at your exam. Hence, it will be easier to cope with them in case you have notes and can revise the material in several minutes. It is a pretty good idea to have a notebook with a list of books and their main ideas written down as well.

Retell Things You Read

Remember that it is important to be able to retell things which you have just read. It shows if you work was performed effectively and helps to accumulate information in your head. Moreover, you will not forget important points thanks to such simple option and will be prepared for class discussions of this book as well. Just ask your friend to listen to your retelling and try to do your best. In addition, it is possible to use notes you have made while reading. Keep in mind that it does not mean you should learn all paragraphs by heart. The main target is retelling information in your own words. Thus, you have to think it over and make some conclusions.

Reward Yourself

Do not forget about rewarding yourself after you reach some small goals. For example, you can eat a piece of chocolate when you finish your task. It will be a kind of motivation and encouragement for you. However, it is important to plan it as well. Do not turn these small rewards to the only purpose for reading. It will make you want to finish reading faster and you memorize nothing as a result. Hence, it is significant to see your goals clearly and understand that these rewards are not the major reason why you must complete some assignments.

All in all, it is a pity that many students have to cope with their reading assignments even if they are not interested in this material. Sure, they suffer from boredom and sometimes miss important things while completing these tasks. There is a great solution for this issue. Just follow these tips and hints and you will never find your home reading a kind of punishment again. Remember that you can get pleasure and benefits from it if you have such a desire.

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