November Monthly Update: Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!

Visiting the most magical place! Other than Hogwarts of course...

Visiting the most magical place! Other than Hogwarts of course...

It's finally getting a little colder at home and I can't be more thrilled to finally see some snow!  We're going to need a lot more in the mountains if we're going to actually have a ski season (big deal in Colorado).  

What have I been up to?

  • Squeeeing visiting Disney World with my family.  I did a 5k walk with my mom and ran a few races on my own!  It's pretty awesome to experience the parks with a munchkin in tow (I borrowed my nephew).
  • This month I finally go around to trying some Patricia Briggs and it was a challenge to then not scrap all my reading plans and dive into the series.  I've had these recommended for ages, but never got around to them!
  • Making some progress on the 2016 Reading Challenge - it has definitely intorduced me to some awesome female authors.  A few posted recently and a couple more upcoming!
  • I went to see "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them", did you?  I think they did an extremely good job with it.  It's kind of nice to see a movie that didn't feel the need to match a book so there was a little more creative license for new things.  Have you seen it yet?
  • Reading some graphic novels! I took a break for a while, but find them a wonderful resource to mix things up.  I read both "Boxers" and "Saints" and find myself continuously thinking about them... they address an area of history I was mostly ignorant on and has some very though-provoking concepts.

Book Haul: I've been resisting with Christmas coming up, but I did pick up a few from the library that I'm going to stay mum on until I've gotten a chance to take a look.  There are a lot of new releases coming out this month!

Literary Thoughts:  Here were some of my favorite literary articles I dug up this month!

What are the books you've been digging into?

Happy Reading!