October Monthly Update: Have a Spooky Halloween!

Things have been a little calmer this October and the weather can't seem to decide if it's still summer or winter.  Today it's in the high 70's but last week it was in the 40's!  We have had some absolutely stunning sunrises and sunset through.  I just with that we weren't already back to the "driving to work in the dark" season.

What have I been up to?

  • Squeeeing over the Six of Crows series sequel "Crooked Kingdom"
  • I finally got a chance to check out the "A Court of Thorns and Roses" series and oh my goodness, it's a challenger to "Throne of Glass".  The second book just blew my mind!
  • Reading "Do Androids Dream of Sheep?" with my book club on Habitica.  The book is apparently the inspiration for "Blade Runner", but I haven't gotten a chance to watch the movie yet.  Based on the previews I've seen I'm somewhat curious to see what the connection is going to be.
  • Getting into the spooky season by reading "The Accident Season" which I absolutely adored.  It's one that will keep you on your toes without giving you nightmares!

Book Haul: I've resisted new books this month since I've been trying to rely more on the library.  I did however get the new "Alien Mine" the latest in the Pruxnae season that just came out!  I love Lucy Varna's stuff, highly recommended!

Literary Thoughts:  Here were some of my favorite literary articles I dug up this month!

What are the books you've been digging into?

Happy Reading!