Author Spotlight: Eden Ashley

Eden Ashley

Hello Everyone!

Today, I posted a review for "Banewolf" by Eden Ashley, which is the sequel to “Dark Siren”; a new series that I have gotten completely swept away with.  As part of the review process, I also had the opportunity to do a brief interview with the author I wanted to share. 

MTG: I posted a review for your book today; tell us something about the book that is not in the summary.  (About the book, character you particularly enjoyed writing etc.)

Eden: I'd have to say that I enjoy writing Rhane and York the most. Scenes between the two of them are always fun, and usually a chance to add some humor to the darkness of the overall story line. 

MTG: Where do you find inspiration for your writing?  Where did the siren come from?

Eden: My inspiration comes from all around, things I see, read, and hear just automatically spark my vivid imagination. I'm always daydreaming. Sometimes a particular scene will spin around in my head, trying to sort itself exactly right. During those times, I have the attention span of a squirrel on crack.

Kali was actually labeled a siren after the story was completed. I'd already built this huge, complicated world of unique creatures and a few places. But any name I came up for Kali's character just didn't seem to fit. So, I went through the scrolls of different mythologies and found the creature that she most resembled--a siren--and called her that.  

MTG: Where do you usually find yourself writing?

Eden: I know it's cliche, but I like writing at coffee shops. Less often, I'll write at home. But the television is there, and it is my muse's arch enemy.

MTG: What has been the biggest reward to your writing so far?

Eden: The biggest reward is when a reader loves the story so much that they are moved to reach out to me. 

MTG: What advice would you give aspiring writers?

Eden: Stop talking about wanting to write and just write. 

MTG: Do you have a favorite book(s) and why?  I know it’s often impossible to narrow it down to one, so just pick one (or a few) that is a new favorite or consistent “go-to”.

Eden: “Bet Me” by Jennifer Crusie for its romance and comedy that literally makes me laugh out loud no matter how many times I read it.  “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand because it's just amazing writing on a level I could only hope to ever near aspiring to. And “Dragon's Milk” by Susan Fletcher because it made me laugh and cry and believe in dragons.

MTG: Looks like I have a few more for my "To Read" list! What books are you reading now?

Eden: “Surrender to Me” by Shayla Black. “Goddess of Legend” by Erin Ashley Tanner. And “The DarkAngel Chronicles” by Meredith Ann Pierce. 

MTG: Give us three “Good to Know” facts.  Be creative: first job, likes/dislikes, hobbies, favorite way to unwind – whatever comes to mind. 


  1. I usually unwind with either a hot cup of yumminess at Starbucks or an hour at the gym.
  2. My hobbies include traveling as often as I can. Getting out of the country seems to be an ongoing them lately.
  3. I brainstorm to Bassnectar's “Butterfly” featuring Mimi Page. I put that song on repeat and scenes just come to me. 

MTG: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Eden: Yep! I'm currently working on two different novels. One is the fourth and final book of the Dark Siren series, “Primed Son”. The other is a stand-alone new adult novel entitled “Love, Alchemy”. I'm really excited about finally completing Rhane and Kali's story. And this new novel--feedback on the first few chapters has been really encouraging. I can't wait to get it out there!

About the Author:

Dark Siren

I'm crazy at heart and not really mentally sound. Somehow, the people that should know better licensed me to be a therapist. 

Latest obsessions: Once Upon a Time the TV series, Starbucks Cream Brulee Lattes, Swedish Clogs, Dexter (I have a terrible habit of getting into shows only after the series finale has aired), Say Yes to the Dress, Suits (USA network. Awesome show. Check it out), Scandal (How can you not love it?), and free Kindle books. 

Dark Siren, the first in a planned series of four books, is a story of redemption and second chances as two characters come to understand that sometimes, great evil is necessary to preserve what is loved most. There's lots of action, plenty of romance, adventure, and drama. It's young adult fiction that adults will love too.

I promise you'll find something different in Dark Siren. The story definitely indulges in supernatural elements...but not in a traditional way.  (Courtesy of Eden’s website)