Living After the Dead Rise

The past week or so, Enchanted Book Promotions has been running a book tour for A.J. Aalto's second book in the Marnie Baranuik Files: "Death Rejoices".  As a huge fan of the series, I wanted to participate, but have already posted a review and interview with the author.  Instead, I had the opportunity for a guest post from A.J. Aalto herself!  Check it out below:

Death Rejoices

So, I watch the Walking Dead, and as a fan of zombies and horror, I quite enjoy it. I’d lost faith in it lately, (let’s face it, 80% of the farm season was so damn boring) but finally, FINALLY, they’ve reached Stage C: Cannibalism. Really? It took them 5 seasons to start eating humans? I’d have been chowing down on people the first damn week. The military would show up at my house and be like, “Hey, lady! It’s not even the apocalypse, for fuck’s sake! Put the butcher knife down!” And I’d be all, “*mur-mumble-frgggh!*” with my mouth full of man flesh.

I recently became a vegetarian. Granted, I’m the worst vegetarian ever. I keep forgetting that meat isn’t a vegetable. At a craft festival, I ordered a hot dog meal from a chip truck by habit, and I was half way through the wiener before I remembered that I don’t eat that anymore. I literally had half a pork tube hanging out of my mouth and a stricken look on my face when my cousin pointed at me and accused, “hey, you’re eating meat!”

Being a vegetarian is going to make most post-apocalyptic scenarios difficult for me. To eat fruits, grains, and vegetables, you really have to stay in one place long enough to grow them, and you can’t have an ice age or nuclear waste getting in your way, either. My ideal apocalyptic scenarios have been whittled down now: it’s got to be a pandemic plague, or floods that recede, or aliens who eat everyone and then leave me behind, or stay but don’t mind me gardening. Let’s face it, though; a zombie apocalypse is going to put meat back on the dinner table pretty quick for me.
Why are apocalypse scenarios such rich and fertile grounds for the imagination? There’s the what-would-I-do factor? That’s very human, to prepare for disasters that one can dream up. Oh, you better believe our ancestors prepared for catastrophes, although theirs looked much different than ours do. There’s also the how-bad-could-it-get factor that’s fodder for the muse. What are people capable of when they’re desperate? What am I capable of?

In the second book of the Marnie Baranuik Files, a plague threatens to explode and Marnie has to face the possibilities of zombies. I did not get to explore a worldwide apocalyptic scenario, but I’m sure Marnie wouldn’t be chowing down on human flesh. It might be one of the few ways we’re different.

If you were faced with a doomsday scenario or post-apocalyptic world, how do you think you’d fare?

Author Bio

AJ Aalto

AJ Aalto is the author of the paranormal mystery series The Marnie Baranuik Files. Aalto is an unrepentant liar and a writer of  blathering nonsense offset by factual gore. When not working on her novels, you can find her singing Monty Python songs in the shower, eavesdropping on perfect strangers, stalking her eye doctor, or failing at one of her fruitless hobbies. Generally a fan of anyone with a passion for the ridiculous, she has a weak spot for smug pseudo-intellectuals and narcissistic jerks; readers will find her work littered with flawed monsters and oodles of snark. AJ cannot say no to a Snickers bar and has been known to swallow her gum.

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