Valentine's Day Top Ten Romance Books

Meow Kapow on Etsy is a shop I found that has tons of fun library-inspired goodies!

Meow Kapow on Etsy is a shop I found that has tons of fun library-inspired goodies!

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! 

I am actually not a huge fan of the holiday (it may have to do with often getting bad Valentine’s Day candy for my birthday – Feb 6), but I still wanted to do something festive.  Did you know that statistically romance and erotica books make the most money annually?  As such, I am compiling my top ten romance books that I have reviewed (so far)!  I have a few other favorites in my back pocket, but you’ll just have to wait for them!

These are books that I can not only see myself reading and re-reading, they’re ones that balance reality, swoon-worthy moments and strong female leads.  So what are you waiting for, skip that over-priced meal and curl up with your favorite steamy book!

Without further ado:

  1. Vision in White Series – Nora Roberts                                                                                       Yes, I had to go with this one.  For whatever reason, Robert’s Vision in White series gets to me every time.  The women in it just have such great friendships; they are in the wedding business, and have fantastic male leads.  They’re some of my favorites!
  2. Daughters of the People Series – Lucy Varna                                                                          You all may be tired of me gushing about the Daughters of the People series, but you just HAVE to give them a try!  They do such a fantastic job mixing badass heroines with archeology, mystery and intrigue.  Go on, give them a try…
  3. Soulless – Gail Carriger                                                                                                                  I love Gail Carriger’s characters.  Alexia is just so spunky and irresistible.  Granted I know this isn’t a traditional romance book, but it still goes to the top of my list!
  4. The Cousin’s O’Dwyer Trilogy – Nora Roberts                                                                   Ireland? Magic? Outdoors and animals?  How could you not fall in love with these characters.
  5. With Me In Seattle Series – Kristen Proby                                                                                This series has a fantastic variety of characters, interests and walks of life.  Each of the stories have interesting and unique leads which adds variety even though there are a LOT of books in the series! 
  6. The Echoes of Love – Hannah Fielding                                                                                    The most dream-like, whimsical romance book I have ever read!
  7. I’ve Got Your Number – Sophie Kinsella                                                                        Sometimes you need something that will have you laughing out loud and Sophie Kinsella always delivers.  You’ll find yourself exasperated with Poppy while at the same time cheering her on and laughing at her antics.
  8. Forever Mine – Charlene Raddon                                                                                            A fantastic historical romance with a lead that is just a little bit modern to help today’s readers relate well to the characters.
  9. Model Position – Kitsy Clare                                                                                                    Art and passion align as Sienna has to balance what is best for her heart and what’s best for her career.  Can she make the two of them line up?
  10. The Weekday Brides Series - Catherine Bybee                                                             Something about the characters just had me rooting for them and waiting to see what was coming next.  I don’t have a review for the first book yet, but this is a great series to take a look at!

Happy Reading!