Bookstore Spotlight: Quimby's


Specializing in “Unusual Publications, Aberrant Periodicals, Saucy Comic Booklets, Independent Zines and Assorted Fancies”; Quimby’s was a store that I just had to check out and it did not let me down.  It is located at the Chicago Bucktown/Wicker Park border and has something for everyone.  In fact, I was quite excited to see a few titles that I have wanted to read, but haven’t been able to find such as “Fun House”.

I am not familiar with the “zine” scene, but this store certainly has me intrigued now.  Looking through some of the magazines, there was every kind of interest to be fulfilled.  I also enjoyed seeing all of the comic booklets of up and coming artists, many in the Chicago area. 

Unfortunately, I was short on time, but I will certainly be going back soon!  As you can see, we had already done some excessive shopping and were running out of hands for new purchases.  I have a hunch that this is a store I may end up spending a full afternoon at in the near future.