Author Spotlight: Lucy Varna


Hello Everyone! Yesterday, I posted a review for "The Enemy Within" by Lucy Varna.  As part of the review process, I also had the opportunity to do a brief interview with the author, which I wanted to share.  Cheers!

MTG: Do you have a favorite book(s)?  I know it’s often impossible to narrow it down to one, so just pick one (or a few) that is a new favorite or consistent “go-to”.

Lucy: “Agnes and the Hitman: by Jennifer Crusie and Bob Mayer. It's a comfort read. Also funny, sexy, and witty.

MTG: Do you have a favorite character in The Daughters of the People series?

Lucy: Bobby Upton, who is one of the main characters in “The Enemy Within”. I fell in love with him from the start, maybe because he's a bit of a bad ass, or maybe because his heart was broken when he was young, but he never stopped loving the woman who he fell in love with then. There's nothing like a man who can take care of himself no matter what's thrown his way, but still has a tender heart for the woman he loves.

MTG: Where do you find inspiration for your books?  Is anything inspired by real-life or do you typically let your imagination run wild?

Lucy: Everywhere! Sometimes characters pop into my head and demand a story. Other times, I'll find an interesting tidbit and run with it. My imagination is wide open and sometimes scary in the ways it works, so I try to keep my eyes and heart open.

MTG: Where do you usually find yourself writing?

Lucy:  I usually set up on my bed, since it's comfortable and provides a large work space. 

MTG: What books are you reading now?

Lucy:  I'm re-reading the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. It's definitely one of my favorite series

MTG: Why indie?

Lucy:  I like retaining creative control over my stories. By going indie, I can allow stories to develop naturally, depending on where the characters need to go, which is not necessarily something that could happen if I went through a publisher.

MTG: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Lucy: I write under two pen names, so I always have something going on. My next published project is “Tempered”, styled as Book 3.5 in the Daughters of the People Series. It will be released in December and stars Hawthorne the Chronicler, a nearly two-millennia-old immortal Daughter who tends to swing (her sword) first and ask questions later. Her other nickname is the Beheader, if that tells you anything.

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About the Author:

Lucy Varna lives in Georgia, surrounded by her large, extended family.  Lucy has been a reader for as long as she can remember. After devouring every suitable book in her house, she moved on to newspapers, encyclopedias, and telephone directories. In desperation for new reading material, she began crafting her own stories, and thus was a writer born.  In addition to reading, writing, and studying dead people, Lucy enjoys knitting, music, and long drives through the countryside during autumn. Most of all, she likes to spend time with her family, particularly her teen-aged son.

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Note: If you are interested in the series, the first book (The Prophecy) will be available as a free download for the rest of 2014.  Additionally, the price of book two (Light's Bane) has been reduced to $0.99.

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