Irish Rebel (Irish Hearts #3)

Irish Rebel


Growing up on her parents’ Royal Meadows farm in Maryland instilled in Keeley Grant a passion for horses—and a desire to teach children the joys of riding. When horse trainer Brian Donnelly arrives from Ireland to work at the stable, he only sees Keeley as the boss’s daughter—a spoiled princess who never had to work hard for anything. But the more Brian learns about Keeley, the more he wants what he’s never had before: a place to call home—and a woman to cherish… (Summary and cover courtesy of


For me, this was by far the strongest book in the series.  Keeley has absolutely perfect timing in putting Brian in his place and I adored her ability to make him eat his foot.  The fact that she has had the strength to refocus and reinvent her approach into something productive and good for the community is a great addition as well.  Brian keeps getting off on the wrong foot, yet still manages to fit with Keeley well. 

It was nice to see how Adelia and the brood turned out since most of Roberts series involve friends or family members close to the same age.  I just genuinely liked the dynamics throughout and think that this book is much more in line with Roberts more recent books.

Warning: contains repeated sexual content

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans that enjoy a good description of competitive horse racing.

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