Irish Rose (Irish Hearts #2)

Irish Rose


On a horse-buying trip to Ireland, Burke Logan has his head turned from business by small-town Irish lass Erin McKinnon. Desperate to see more of the world, Erin accepts his offer of a bookkeeping job at his horse farm. And as Erin makes the most of her new life in Maryland, she can’t ignore the growing attraction between her and Burke, even though he’s holding himself back from her—and the truth about his past…  (Summary and cover courtesy of


I found this read very weak at the beginning, but had a strong ending.  The beginning, with exception to the leap of faith moving from Ireland to the US, felt very predictable to me.  I had mixed feelings about the marriage and the interactions.  That being said, once they got to the intrigue at the race track, I found it much more exciting.

Adding a mysterious element to the story kept it from being a predictable romance and I enjoyed how it all unraveled.  I’m still only going to give the book 3 stars as I was so-so on the first half, but would still recommend it if you’ve committed to the full series.

Warning: contains repeated sexual content

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans that enjoy a good description of competitive horse racing.

Want to read the whole series?