Charmed (The Donovan Legacy #3)



Her legacy had been as much a curse as a blessing, so Anastasia Donovan had learned to keep it hidden. But when single dad Boone Sawyer swept into her heart, she longed to reveal everything despite her fear of the consequences. Then fate stepped in… (Summary and cover courtesy of


This was my least favorite in the series, which is surprising because Jessi is adorable and Boone is an intriguing character.  I think I didn’t feel as swept away by this one because Anastasia’s gift is much more ambiguous.  While Anastasia can calm and soothe, she isn’t as flashy or clear as to what she is doing.  Unlike Sebastian and Morgana who are willing to explain to those who are interested, Anastasia lets herself stay closed off after being hurt once in the past.

The fun thing was seeing how things developed for the other couples and seeing them settle into their relationship.  I also adored the moments getting insight into Anastasia’s garden.  Reading about gardens like this always makes me want to get into some planting.  Still recommended to those checking out the series!

Warning: Contains sexual content.

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans who like the flair of subtle fantasy thrown in.

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