Shatterglass (The Circle Opens #4)



Kethlun Warder was a gifted glassmaker until his world was shattered in a freak accident. Now his remaining glass magic is mixed with lightning, and Tris must teach him to control it (if she can teach him to control his temper first). But there's more at stake than Keth's education. With his strange magic, he creates glass balls that reflect the immediate past and expose the work of a murderer. If he can harness his power properly, he'll be able to see the crimes as they take place. Keth and Tris race against time, and the local authorities, to identify a killer who's living in plain sight. (Summary and cover courtesy of


The thing that came through the most in this book was just how prickly Tris had become.  But upon reflection, it made me realize just how reasonable that reaction would be with great power and many people challenging your abilities constantly.  The first interactions with Keith were pretty painful, but they ultimately come together to be a troubleshooting pair.

I do like that this book also touches on some of the real actions that arise from post-traumatic stress with Keith.  He had to work through personal and magical challenges before he was able to be a contributor to track down the murderer.   

Warning: Contains some violence.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Those looking for a fun magical journey, but it’ll make much more sense if you read The Circle of Magic series first.

Want to read the whole series?