Irish Thoroughbred (The Irish Hearts #1)

Irish Thoroughbred


Adelia Cunnane's uncle had written her. So Adelia had left Ireland to join him on what he had described as the finest horse farm in Maryland.

Adelia agreed with her uncle about the farm. But what should she think about its owner, Travis Grant?

She knew that he could master his strongest horse. She had seen his eyes soften at the birth of a foal. Yet his lips on hers demanded a submission that she was not yet ready to give -- at least not until he had spoken the words she had to hear.  (Summary and cover courtesy of


I was intrigued to read Nora Robert’s first series and decided to give it a go despite it being a bit out of my standard picks.  While I loved Adelia’s Irish roots, I frankly cracked up at some of the descriptions.  It seems that Roberts hadn’t quite decided how much was too much description and Adelia did a lot of brooding.  I know, I know – that’s not much different than her current novels, but Adelia just came off so naïve at times.  I did love that she was a sparkplug who worked hard and kicked ass while she was at it.

This book gave the foundation of the trilogy that I appreciated and naturally Travis Grant was a pushy, but forgivable love interest.  I certainly enjoyed the read, but it wasn’t my favorite in Robert’s repertoire as it read more like a proto-typical romance book.

Warning: contains repeated sexual content

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans that enjoy a good description of competitive horse racing.

Want to read the whole series?