Briar’s Book (Circle of Magic #4)

Briar's Book


In Book 4 of the Circle of Magic Quartet, former "street rat" Briar leads a comfortable life at Winding Circle Temple, learning plant magic from his teacher Rosethorn. But street kids are still his friends, and when one of them gets sick, she turns to Briar for help. As the mysterious illness spreads, Sandry, Daja, and Tris join Briar and their teachers to fight the epidemic. But just as the situation improves, the unthinkable happens. Will Briar be able to save what he loves most? (Summary and cover courtesy of


Briar is the wild card of the group and in this book he is forced to reconcile the old and new to ensure that he knows where he’s going to go in the future.  I loved getting to know Rosethorn more in this novel as she’s one that always makes me laugh.  This book felt like there was more going on to me.  The story has multiple levels and multiple challenges that have to be faced, which I appreciated.

Briar is forced to commit to the good of the whole more and, in that, becomes a better person.  It was fascinating to see how the plague magical cure was discovered and what the side effects became.  This is certainly a great end to a chaotic series and highly recommended!  

Warning: Contains some violence.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Middle grade to younger adults (~12 years old) and those young at heart.

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