Daja’s Book (Circle of Magic #3)

Daja's Book


Outcast Trader Daja, along with her fellow mages-in-training, journeys from Winding Circle to the Gold Ridge Mountains, where drought threatens widespread famine. There, Daja creates an astonishing object: a living metal vine, and Daja's dealings with her former people reawaken a longing for familiar ways.

Daja must choose - should she return to the Traders or remain with the Winding Circle folk who have become her family? (Summary and cover courtesy of goodreads.com)


Of the “Circle of Magic” series, I have to say that I think that Daja’s is my favorite.  By this point, the four young adults are closer friends, yet still coming into their own.  Daja is quiet, solid and all around an awesome character.  I love that she’s thoughtful in her approach and doesn’t rush into problems when she can avoid it.

It’s interesting to see what the Trader’s life is like and I enjoyed seeing Daja come to terms with what choice she wants to make.  The best character we meet is Polyam who is a complete firecracker.  I love seeing her interactions with girls and Briar.  If you’re into the series, this is definitely going to be a winner!

Warning: Contains some violence.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Middle grade to younger adults (~12 years old) and those young at heart.

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