Tris’s Book (Circle of Magic #2)

Tris's Book


Earthquake damage leaves Winding Circle vulnerable to pirate attack, so everyone - including the young mages-in-training Tris, Briar, Daja, and Sandry - is working to strengthen the community's defenses. When Tris's cousin Aymery comes to visit, he advises the "weather witch" to return to the family that exiled her, but she doesn't wish to leave her friends to face the threat without her.

As the onslaught begins, two things become terribly clear: The pirates have a powerful new weapon, and they have an accomplice within Winding Circle. But the attackers have failed to reckon with the fury of a young mage betrayed once too often and her very stubborn, very loyal friends....  (Summary and cover courtesy of


When I first read these books Tris was my least favorite character so it was good that her book was second.  It really wins you over to understanding why she is the way she is and her quick temper.  This book drives home just how much power she can unveil and what it’ll mean for her future.

The experiences also force the kids to get a little closer and I liked getting glimpses into who they’ll be as a group.  I liked rereading this book because I think the characters felt a touch older and a little more relatable as a whole.  I definitely recommend this series!

Warning: Contains some violence.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Middle grade to younger adults (~12 years old) and those young at heart.

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