Holding the Dream (Dream Trilogy #2)

Holding the Dream


On the fast track to a partnership with her accountancy firm, Kate is stunned when she is fired for suspected embezzlement.  Forced to cope with the sudden reversal of fortune, Kate returns to Pretenses, the exquisite boutique run by her friend Margo and sister Laura.  But when persistent, persuasive Byron de Witt enters her life, the flames of passion he ignites begin to burn as brightly as her all-consuming career ambitions... (Summary and cover courtesy of goodreads.com)


Kate is someone I could easily relate to as I know I’ve been known to organize too much and be a bit too focused on “what are the next steps” for the master plan.  In this book, Roberts explores what happens when you’re forced to slow down and assess what’s really important in life.  I think that Kate is someone that no one wants to become, but can easily slide into with the crazy pace of modern life.  It’s important to make time for yourself.

I do love Byron’s heavy handed good intentions and even more when Kate calls him on it.  He accepts that life can be messy and that sometimes it’s for the better because of it.  The setup with the house it even all the more perfect.

Warning: contains repeated sexual content.

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans looking for something with a strong female friendship.  The context will make more sense if you’ve started with the first in the series,.

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