StarPower and the 9th Wormhold (StarPower #1)


One Woman Stands Vigilant Against the Void

Danica Maris is an assistant astronomer on Space Station Sanctuary Six until she is mysteriously chosen to wield the cosmic energy known as the Star Power. The light of the Star Powered Sentinels has returned, but she is shining alone. 

An ancient enemy has emerged from the ruins of the old galactic empire to extinguish the Star Power and enslave the Millennium Federation. Now, the last Start Powered Sentinel must stand against the approaching darkness and be a light in the void.  (Summary and cover courtesy of


This was a story that picked me up immediately and it only got better.  I love the depth of all of the characters and how each of the races has a full thought-out background.  Danica Maris is an unlikely hero who manages to rise to the occasion and be endearing at the same time.

The concept of the star powered sentinel also appeals to me having a love from anything to do with space.  It’s an interesting twist to hear how things the history/future of the universe came to be.  I like the mini background blurbs interspersed in the story.  I’d definitely recommend this series!

Warning: Contains repeated violence

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Graphic novel fans looking for something with a superhero flair as a standalone story.  

Want to read the whole series?

  • StarPower and the Search for Black Hole Bill (Star Power #2)
  • Star Power and the Mystery of the Zel Gux Dynasty (Star Power #3)
  • TBD (Star Power #4)