Siege (The Warrior Chronicles #5)



The land has become unnaturally quiet. It’s as if everyone is waiting for some sign that Xandre can be beaten. That someone will stand up to him, and win.

With Shanti calling the shots, and Cayan’s battle know-how, it seems certain that the Chosen can be the catalyst. That they can lead the oppressed to freedom.

But Xandre didn’t become the Being Supreme by chance, and he doesn’t intend for his rule to be stripped away so easily. He has already started to gather his forces, and with the entire land under his control, gaining a foothold against him seems impossible.

The final battle is brewing, and the winner is anything but decided… (Summary and cover courtesy of


BLEGH.  While I love love the characters in this series, I think it’s time to start getting to the finale.  This book did not progress the overall plot line very much and I felt like it was somewhat of a filler book (again).  There was a lot going on, but compared to where the characters began they only moved one major town away (ish)?  Dragging it out also makes me feel all the more confident that I know how the series is going to end and you always want it to still be a surprise.

Additionally, what happened to Shanti and Cayan?  I feel like we only barely got to see them in this book and while I love the side characters, it was sometimes an odd setup in that sense.  Sanders in all of this is the redeeming character as the constant comedic break.  Seeing Sanders get annoyed when everyone steals his “dibs” during the final battle had me laughing out loud.

Warning: Contains repeated violence and some sexual content.

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Folks invested in the series.

Want to read the whole series?