School of Deaths (The Scythe Wielder’s Secret #1)

School of Deaths


Thrust into a world of men, can a timid girl find bravery as the first female Death?

Thirteen-year-old Suzie Sarnio always believed the Grim Reaper was a fairy tale image of a skeleton with a scythe. Now, forced to enter the College of Deaths, she finds herself training to bring souls from the Living World to the Hereafter. The task is demanding enough, but as the only female in the all-male College, she quickly becomes a target. Attacked by both classmates and strangers, Suzie is alone in a world where even her teachers want her to fail. 

Scythes hungry for souls, Deaths who subjugate a race of mysterious magicians, and echoes of an ancient war with Dragons.

As her year progresses, Suzie suspects her presence isn’t an accident. She uncovers a plot to overthrow the World of Deaths. Now she must also discover the reason she’s been brought there: the first female Death in a million years.  (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of the author.


This book has an extremely intriguing premise and I really enjoyed everything about the world-building.  I have read a few books from the angel police force perspective, but nothing from death’s perspective.  My biggest problem with the story, however, is that Suzie acts younger than she actually is in the story.  Additionally, the “girl-hating” comes across to me as very juvenile.  If the characters were in middle school I might expect them to act that way, but as “adults” in the world it comes off awkward to me.

All that being said, I really enjoyed the variety of characters and how the story is unravelling.  Unfortunately the story is only just building up in the first book, but I imagine the next in the series are only going to get stronger.  Towards the end of the book it felt like the story was truly hitting its stride and I was really enjoying it so I’d definitely recommend the series. 

Warning: Contains some violence

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Fans that find the premise intriguing – I think this is a series that’s only going to get better over time!

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