This Hugo Award-winning graphic novel chronicles the fall from grace of a group of super-heroes plagued by all-too-human failings. Along the way, the concept of the super-hero is dissected as the heroes are stalked by an unknown assassin.

One of the most influential graphic novels of all time and a perennial best-seller, “Watchmen” has been studied on college campuses across the nation and is considered a gateway title, leading readers to other graphic novels such as “V for Vendetta”, “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and “The Sandman” series.  (Summary and cover courtesy of


I saw the movie before giving this one a read and I have to say first of all: I’m very impressed with the way the movie was a fairly good representation of the comic.

Reading this graphic novel had me torn in many ways, but overall I like it because it makes me think and stew.  That being said, the nihilistic overtones of the characters can be a little rough to read page after page so I had to separate my readings to a few sittings.  That’s unusual for me since I typically sit down and read a graphic novels straight through.

Despite the heaviness, the art is fantastic in the form and function of the different characters.  The story-telling is complex and if I hadn’t known how it was going to end, I think my mind would have been blown.   I’d highly recommend this one as a read regardless of your feelings on graphic novels, just for the experience.

Warning: Contains repeated violence and sexual content.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Anyone looking to find out what the hype is about and read some alternative graphic novels.