The Project Success Method

The Project Success Method


The Project Success Method is a unique, proven and fire-tested methodology which allows companies, groups or managers to learn and develop consistency in the way they plan, schedule, manage, control and close out projects on time, per spec and within budget-- in as little as 5 days.Over the last 25 years, the methodology has been used around the world by manufacturers of heavy equipment, electronics, aircraft components, paper products, beverages, electric and gas utilities, hotel and restaurant chains, and companies in the financial services, telecommunications, real estate, entertainment, and transportation industries. The Project Success Method has proven effective in a vast array of project applications, including new product development and introduction, IT systems development and implementation, process improvement initiatives, marketing programs, engineering and architectural design, construction and renovation, facility relocations and startups, mergers and acquisitions, major industrial maintenance and special events. (Summary and cover courtesy of


This book was extremely painful to attempt reading.  I struggled through a bit, fell asleep, skipped to the next chapter and repeated the cycle a few times.  The few things that I did absorb, I felt were very obvious to anyone who has worked within project management for even a short period of time.  There are better resources available and I would not recommend this one unless you are specifically required to follow the methodology.

Warning: Extremely tedious.

Rating: 1 star!

Who should read it? People required to follow The Project Success Methodologies.