Key of Light (Key Trilogy #1)

Key of Light


The pleasure of your company is desired for cocktails and conversation. 8 pm, 4th September. Warrior's Peak.

When Malory Price is issued with the above invitation she is naturally suspicious, especially as Warrior's Peak is a local mansion straight out of a Hollywood movie. But with her overdraft at crisis limit and on the verge of losing her job at a local art gallery, she has little to lose by attending the event.

Only Malory is about to get more than she bargained for. At Warrior's Peak she finds that she and two other women are the only guests of their mysterious hosts. They are told an amazing story of magic, gods and goddesses; and of three demi-goddesses who have been cast into an eternal sleep, their mortal souls placed under lock and key. And in every generation, three women are born who alone have the power to free them - if they are prepared to accept the challenge.

Three women. Three keys to find. If one fails, they all lose. If they succeed - money, power and a new destiny awaits. It will take more than intellect, more than determination. They will have to open their hearts, their minds, and believe that everything is possible.  (Summary and cover courtesy of


Books by Nora Roberts certainly follow a pattern and yet I think that’s part of the charm to them.  You know you’re almost always going to get a happy ending and some sizzling romance.  The timelines and interactions are not always realistic and yet I still love them.

This series particularly jumped out at me because there are some very strong bonds between the women in the book.  I appreciated that it was their friendships as much as the developing relationships that led them to solving the mystery of the keys.  Each woman is strong in their own way and is forced to face their own terrors in the face of defeating Kane.  Malory sees beauty in what art brings to the world and I enjoyed hearing her perspective since I don’t always have a similar view.  All in all, this was a fun, enjoyable read that I’d definitely recommend!

Warning: Contains sexual content

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Fans of the Nora Roberts recipe and are willing to suspend their disbelief for a little while.

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