Audacity Jones to the Rescue (Audacity Jones #1)

Audacity Jones


An irrepressible orphan named Audacity Jones is headed on an adventure of historic proportions! The first book in a brand-new series from beloved Newbery Honor author Kirby Larson! 

Audacity Jones is an eleven-year-old orphan who aches for adventure, a challenge to break up the monotony of her life at Miss Maisie's School for Wayward Girls. Life as a wayward girl isn't so bad; Audie has the best of friends, a clever cat companion, and plenty of books to read. Still, she longs for some excitement, like the characters in the novels she so loves encounter.

So when the mysterious Commodore Crutchfield visits the school and whisks Audie off to Washington, DC, she knows she's in for the journey of a lifetime. But soon, it becomes clear that the Commodore has unsavory plans for Audie--plans that involve the president of the United States and a sinister kidnapping plot. Before she knows it, Audie winds up in the White House kitchens, where she's determined to stop the Commodore dead in his tracks. Can Audie save the day before it's too late?  (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of the publisher.


I thought this was a very fun read!  Audacity and her friends at the School for Wayward Girls are endearing and full of curiosity.  The two things that I really liked the book for are 1) encouraging girls to be self-sufficient and use their best judgement and 2) historical context.  Both Audacity and her friends are forced to conquer some of their fears and make sure they do what they think is right.  The historical aspects are nicely woven into the story so they never feel jarring or inconsistent.

I certainly would read additional books in the series and I believe there are more to come!

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Younger audiences or those with younger audiences around who are looking for something fun with a historical twist.

Want to read the whole series? TBD