Enaya Solace of Time

Enaya Solace of Time


Nile Whitman thought he had withstood the test of Time, but when he discovers an ancient artifact known as Enaya, his life will change forever. 

Enaya, a powerful and magical stone, alters time by bringing a futuristic city into Nile’s time period. The leader of this city, Norcross Kenneth, falls in love with Nile’s world and the magic within it, and he will stop at nothing until both their worlds are united. After Nile’s kingdom is destroyed by this new unknown force, he sets out on an adventure to send the future back into their dimension. 

It’s not just this new threat that opposes Nile; the Lucian Empire has risen, and the Snake Queen wants Nile all to herself. When Nile forms a resistance with an unlikely band of heroes, he is forced to come to terms with his past and with the decisions that will affect his future. 
Nile will have to embrace who he is if he is going to protect the people he loves, and in doing so, he will have to depend on Enaya, the element of time.  (Summary and cover courtesy of goodreads.com)

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Xpresso Book Tours.


I really wanted to like this book, but ultimately did not finish.  Abandoned ~20%.

The premise is very intriguing to me, but I found the book lagging and I just couldn’t slug through it.  Initially as Nile watches the love of his life walk down the aisle, I was intrigued by the tragedy, but that quickly wore off.  Nile came off as very whiny to me and everything is told to the reader, rather than shown, which is a big pet peeve.  I struggled to buy into the world building and generally couldn’t get into the book.

I can definitely see how this book would appeal to many people, but it just was not the one for me!

Warning: Contains some violence

Rating: 2 stars! Did not finish

Who should read it? Meh, unless the premise sounds super interesting to you, I’d probably skip it.