The Ravaging in Between (The Reanimiation Files #3)

The Ravaging in Between


Sometimes death is only the beginning...

Selene Vanream died—for two minutes. After being revived, she spends over a month in a coma before she awakes, free from the Rot and the reanimation power that caused her so much trouble. No one can explain how Selene survived killing Renton while he possessed her reanimation power, and her reunion with Micah is marred by the choices they each made to save her and stop Renton

But even though she’s Rot free, she isn’t problem free. First, she no longer has a job at Affairs of the Dead. And Ethan is missing and she can’t track him down. Not only that, ghosts that were sent to the Afterlife with unfinished business have somehow crossed back and are trying to settle the score in violent ways. If that wasn’t enough, Selene discovers that dying briefly has more consequences than she realized, because when she was revived, not all of her came back. Now she’s straddling both the living world and the dead, and she will find out what it means to come back to life but leave part of her soul behind.  (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Red Moon Book Tours.


As a whole, I really enjoyed this series, but I struggled to get back into the story in this one.  The beginning of the story is fairly melancholy (I mean she did just die), but I felt Selene’s actions were described more than in other books.  That being said, once I got into the book I was sucked into the story like the others.  I really found the increasing complications in Selene’s life humorous even if they are a bit cruel to have everything happening to her!

Kyo is an awesome character and he grew on me quickly.  I also thought it was refreshing to see Selene working with Tielle rather than holding previous events against her.  I’m still digesting this one a little, may add a few additional comments later!

Warning: Contains violence.

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Folks invested in the series. 

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