Seven Second Delay

Seven Second Delay


Mila has 7 seconds. 7 seconds to fight. 7 seconds to escape.

Seeking a new life on the futuristic Isles, Mila’s time runs out – she’s captured by Agents, who implant her with a phone that broadcasts her every move. Now she’s on the run, hounded by an elite fighting force who is convinced she poses a dangerous threat to society. Her only advantage: a seven second delay.

It’s a race against time. (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of the publisher.


This was a case of the ending ruining the book for me.  If there is a sequel it could possibly be redeemed, but as it is left now I’m just annoyed with the way things were wrapped up.  Since there’s no way to discuss that without revealing spoilers I will leave it at that.

The premise is interesting, but I feel that seven seconds seems like too little for all the things that happened to be enough.  I would think a 15 second delay might be more realistic though I grant that seven makes a catchier title.  The world building, however, is fascinating.  I loved the tidbits scattered throughout the story where Mila tells about her past.  I think a book about her experience BEFORE this book starts would have been fascinating.  I want to know more about the world outside of this plot and would be eager to learn more about that.

Warning: contains violence

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Unless there’s a sequel or prequel I’d say skip – I’m that disappointed with the ending.