Priestess of the Dragon Temple (Anamat #2)



Once, Iola flew with a dragon. She might fly again, but only if she can become ambassadress to the dragons' realm. First, though, she must navigate life as an ordinary priestess, which is not quite what she'd hoped for. Some of her fellow priestesses are dragon-blind and corrupt. Worse, they see Iola's devotions as evidence of greed.

Then the ambassadress returns, too sick to fly again. Iola and three other young priestesses are chosen to nurse her, and to have a chance at taking her place. Iola's main rival, Tiagasa, was raised in a prince's palace. She thrives on political intrigue and gossip, and her lover is about to become governor of the city. 

Iola is just a village girl dazzled by dragons. Her few friends and allies aren't much more savvy than she is. Still, they hope to persuade the new governor – whoever he might be – to make Iola ambassadress, and to choose faith over scheming, one way or another. (Summary and cover courtesy of

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This is the book where the Anamat series really gets interesting to me.  In this one, we get to see how the scrapplings have become something more than they were before and also understand a lot more about the Dragon’s temple.  There’s a lot more action and the implications of each one’s actions will set the future of their nation.

I was much more intrigued by this book that the first, I would actually recommend starting with this one.  I am split as to whether I will continue the series, but the world is certainly one of the more unusual ones I’ve ever read. 

Warning: Contains sexual content and violence

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Fantasy Fans

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