Requiem for the Living (The Reanimation Files #2)

Requiem for the Living


Selene is slowly dying...too bad that’s the least of her problems.

You could say that Selene Vanream has a lot of problems. First there’s the Rot that’s slowly killing her, despite everything Ilyse and Micah are doing to find a way to save her.

Then there’s Andrew, the ghost of her boss who is anchored to the living world. Selene would like to ignore him, but anchored ghosts with unsettled business turn into anchored beasties, so she can’t write him off. The government has sent a team to post up at Affairs of the Dead and keep an eye on her, which includes making sure she plays up to Andrew to keep him from turning.

On top of that, someone is using Selene’s new power to create anchored ghosts for their loved ones to keep around. Not good since the culprit doesn’t have a clue about that whole anchored beastie angle. Now Selene has a criminal to catch while trying to stay out of the hands of government goons who have stripping her reanimation power on their agenda.

When Micah and Ilyse finally find a way to save her, Selene thinks she can cross one bad thing off her list--until she learns the terrible price that must be paid to keep her alive. Full plate doesn’t cover it. Overflowing plate doesn’t cover it. Selene’s plate has damn near exploded. (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of Red Moon Book Tours.


As in the first of the series, A.J. Locke does a fantastic job combining a mystery with a paranormal story in this sequel to “Affairs of the Dead”.  In this book, I feel like Locke hit her stride.  The first book felt a little forced to me at times, but this one was just non-stop action topped with a dusting of moral relativism.  It’s hard to imagine that Selene’s life could get more complicated than it was in the first, but Locke managed to through a whole bunch of chaos into an already complicated situation in this one.

There were definitely a lot of surprises in this one and I did not expect the way a few things turned out.  I have a hunch I know how the next book in the series is going to turn out, but without giving away spoilers I’ll be curious to see how it works out!

Warning: Contains violence

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Paranormal and mystery fans, but start with the first!

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