Seachange @ Work

Seachange @ Work


“Seachange @ Work” brings ancient wisdom and energy techniques into the modern workplace to reshape your work habits, rejuvenate the work environment and create more personal energy. 
Learn how to track and manage your energy levels, be your true self at work, have energised working relationships and a supportive environment and more. 
Just small adjustments bring authentic, positive change and increased energy to your working day and beyond. 

  • Enhance the positive energy in your workplace and reduce any negative energy. 
  • Discover what drains and what increases your energy level. 
  • Understanding how your subtle energy system (chakras, auric field) is impacted each working day. 
  • Learn how to reduce stress of peak hour travel. 
  • Gain fresh insight into ‘The Energy of the Business’ 
  • Understand your challenging work colleagues, and why you feel great around some people and energy drained around others. 
  • Discover the positive effects of colour in your day and why you shouldn’t wear a black outfit every day. 
  • Learn what essential oils, room sprays and gemstones/crystals are most effective in the workplace. 
  • Appreciate the importance of being your authentic self at work and play. 
  • Create your ideal working day by understanding the power of intention, the law of attraction.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest opinion courtesy of Sage’s Blog Tours.


This was a quick read that offers practical advice about how to find more time in your day and how to best use it.  It discusses very new age approaches (energies, chakras etc.), which is not really my thing, but still had some practical advice that made sense to me.  There were also many practices that I agreed would improve my working environment even if I did not agree with James on the reason why.

In summary, while not quite my cup of tea, this was a read that has some simple recommendations to streamline your day and identify priorities.  Additionally, she has some decent exercises to perform at work that will keep you happier and engaged when you find yourself frustrated. 

Rating: 3 stars!

Who should read it? Folks looking for a way to find more time in their day and are open to new age/alternative approaches.