In All Things, Balance (Daughters of the People #4)

In All Things, Balance


The People are in a time of great need. The Prophecy of Light has been rediscovered, the Eternal Order constitutes a growing threat, and the IECS Archives may hold the key the People need to forever be free of An’s curse. 

Moira the Reluctant, immortal Daughter of the renowned Rebecca Upton, journeys from her home in Ireland to assist with efforts to locate Sanctuary, the legendary refuge of the Seven Sisters. There, she meets Tom Fairfax, a reserved archivist tasked with organizing and modernizing the Archives. Tom is everything a Daughter could want in a future mate, handsome, intelligent, and kind. Above all, his touch arouses her in a way no other man’s ever has. 

The moment Tom spied Moira, his heart tangled into a knot and hasn’t loosened since. The beautiful Daughter has a sharp tongue and a temper to match, and is not at all the kind of woman he dreamed of calling his own. In spite of the attraction he feels for her, Tom goes out of his way to avoid the fiery Daughter, determined to protect himself from certain heartbreak. Moira is equally determined to have him, regardless of his apparent infatuation with another Daughter. 

When Moira’s brother is kidnapped, she and Tom are thrown together in a way neither anticipated, forcing them to trust one another or risk losing their budding love under the crushing weight of the Order’s never-ending quest for continued immortality.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of author.


I have been saving the next novel in the Daughters of the People series for when I REALLY needed a pick me up and it did not fail to deliver.  I was having a terrible time at work and decided it was time to break it out.  A few hours later I was debating whether I should stay up late to finish the book or save it to enjoy the next day.

In this next installment of the series Varna does it again providing a spitfire heroine who lives up to her name in being “the reluctant”.  As in all the books, there is a lot more than just the romance going on in the book.  I am SO excited/impatient about some of the prophecy revelations and particularly about a few specific characters.  I have so many questions, but the first one is: when is the next book out??

Warning: Contains violence

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Only those who have read all the previous ones in the series!

Want to read the whole series?