Summer Confessions

Summer Confessions


Macy Diaz has managed childhood friend Jeb Porter’s crush for years. However, his infatuation turns to obsession, even putting a kid in the hospital just for hitting on her. In the past, Macy brushed it off, explained his bizarre acts away. But now she harbors a secret. She’s in love…with Jeb’s sister, Rachel.

By some miracle, Rachel loves Macy back, and despite the small minds polluting their sleepy southern town, they’re sticking together. Unfortunately, making sure Jeb never grows suspicious proves harder every day—until everything falls apart.

As a sick, unstable Jeb starts to threaten all Macy values, she is reminded of what has always been perfectly clear. Macy belongs to him, only him, and he won’t let her go. Ever.

If only Macy could’ve loved Jeb, she wouldn’t have to worry about surviving him now. (Summary and book cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of YA Bound Book Tours.


I really enjoyed this one!  Vroman had me hooked from the beginning and it was interesting to see how she balanced things between her family, friends and later the larger community.  I would love to see a follow up story on Ana, she’s too cute and deserves someone too!  Throughout the book, Macy struggles to completely become comfortable in her own skin.  Fortunately, Pawpaw is on awesome grandfather and keeps the whole family grounded.

Another thing I appreciated was that though an LGBT book, it was not at the expense of the story or forced into the story.  It was natural and if the roles of Jeb and Rachel had been switched it would have been an equally intriguing (and creepy at times!) read.  I have certainly read a few recently that felt almost like if they threw in a LGBT aspect, it would salvage a so-so plotline.  I’d definitely recommend this for all readers looking for a summer romance book.

Warning: Contains some violence

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Folks looking for a non-traditional summer romance/coming-of-age book.