Family Secrets

Family Secrets


An orphan by the age of sixteen, Sophia Morganthal now lives with her best friend and struggles in a world with no relatives. Midway through her Senior year, Sophia finds herself flying across the country to live with a family she never knew existed. She ends up with more questions than answers when she discovers that not only does she come from a long line of witches but that she must be initiated within the year to prevent a battle for coven leadership. 

Feeling more alone than ever, Sophia finds her solace in books. The journals of past initiates provide her with more than she ever wanted to know and make her question the path she’s on. Amidst all of the upheaval in her life, Sophia also finds one source of happiness – Connor. The last thing she needs is more complications, but Connor is the only person who makes her feel wanted for herself and not for what she stands for. 

As Sophia learns more about herself, and what being initiated into Blackthorne coven really means, she must answer the ultimate question – would she give up everything for her family?   (Summary and book cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange of an honest review courtesy of the author.


I am SO excited about this book and I cannot wait for the sequel to come out. Why must I keep getting into series that don’t have the next books written?! *fist shake* I could not put this one down.  The book is a fantastic mixture of familiar and unique paranormal that keeps the reader on their toes as more is revealed.   I particularly appreciated that there wasn’t a huge buildup of discovering-she’s-a-witch taking a quarter of the book.  Sophie is told she is a witch, and after some resistance until there was proof, believes it.

With a book like this, there have to be some twists and turns to keep the plot from feeling rote.  Nichols does a great job making you question which characters actually are what they seem until halfway through the book and then, at the end, question how exactly things are going to pull together.  I enjoyed this universe so much and I’ll be certainly looking forward to the rest in the series!

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? I think all paranormal fans looking for something with a dash (just a dash!) of romance will love this one.

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