No One’s Angel (Chadwell Hearts #1)

No Ones Angel


Tess used to spend more hours than she'd care to admit playing her favorite computer game, using the nickname Angel. She could pretend her life was different, and she could pretend Arion was just a friend. But a girl needs more to keep her warm at night than pixels, and she traded her virtual heaven for a real-life hell. Now she's on the run from a past she won't talk about, and the only place she has to go is the doorstep of the friend she's never actually met.

When Angel disappeared from their nightly games, it nearly destroyed Arion. He threw himself into work and women, but he can't help knowing the one-night stands will never compare to the angel who haunts his dreams. At first, when she shows up soaking wet and scared-shitless on his doorstep, he thinks his prayers have been answered.

But the more Arion tries to keep Angel close, the more her fear drives her away. If they are ever going to have a chance for a future, they'll first have to deal with the past that hasn't forgotten her any more than she's forgotten it--and Arion will have to learn how to let her go. (Summary and book cover courtesy of


So much potential, but it fell apart for me.   I love when there is something a little nerdy incorporated in the story – in this case gaming.  The gaming wasn’t as big of a feature as I expected, but the author still did a pretty good job with that.  The premise was great, I thought the mystery was going to be intriguing, but once Angel landed on the doorstep, it all went downhill.

Angel is majorly indecisive and bounces between one extreme to the other.  I understand she’s supposed to be scared for her life and has been running, but she over-reacts to every. little. thing.  No wonder Arion is confused when you jump his bones and then freak out for him responding.  Arion on the other hand is extremely clingy to an almost creepy degree.  I understand that he went through some “stuff” as a kid, but you’d that as a successful adult he would have figured things out a little better.  In summary, I wanted to shake each of the characters out of frustration.

Warning: Contains sexual content

Rating: 2 stars!

Who should read it? I’d probably skip.

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