Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue


The Colonies lost the Revolutionary War. Now it's 1839 and the North American continent is divided into three territories: New Britannia, Nueva Espana, and Nouvelle France where seventeen-year-old Claire Poissant lives. 

Claire has a magical way with words—literally. But a mystical power of persuasion isn't the only thing that makes her different. Half-French and half-Indian, Claire doesn't feel at home in either world. Maybe that's why she's bonded so tightly with her fellow outcasts and best friends: Phileas, a young man whose towering intellect and sexuality have always made him the target of bullies, and Sam, a descendant of George Washington who shares the disgraced general's terrible, secret curse. 

But when Sam's family is murdered, these bonds are tested and Claire's special ability is strained to its limits as the three hunt the men responsible into dangerous lands. Along the way they cross paths with P.T. Barnum, William Frankenstein and other characters from both history and fantasy as they learn the hard way that man is often the most horrific monster and that growing up sometimes means learning to let go of the things you hold most dear.  (Summary and cover courtesy of

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of TLC Book Tours.


I really enjoyed this book because it does such a good job genre mixing.  Even if the book had simply been telling an alternate view of the Revolutionary War I think I would have enjoyed it.  Throwing in a little paranormal twist to provide action and adventure makes this even better.

Claire is a particularly intriguing character.  She’s at the age where she isn’t quite comfortable in her skin and also hasn’t fully discovered her own talents.  Through all that she’s desperately trying to maintain her ties to her friends.  Sullivan does a very clever job describing the dynamics between the three friends and how they’re all growing and learning in different directions. 

Add all that to vivid world-building and great heroes and villains and you’ll find yourself unable to put this one down.  I would highly recommend “Silver Tongue” and will be planning on continuing to read the series!

Warning: Contains some violence and sexual references

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Historical and paranormal “light” fans.

Want to read the whole series? TBD