KALIOPE is an empath, a water person who feels other people’s emotions as if they are her own. All she wants is to grow up and escape her cruel mother. 

DANICA is Kaliope's guardian and secret lover. She will protect Kali, no matter the cost to herself or anyone else. 

CHIARAN is the reckless prince of the fire people. His deepest wish is to be seen as something other than a monster. 

When Chiaran arrives in Atlantis, he's the first fire person to set foot on the island in a hundred years. Kaliope naturally considers him an enemy and attacks him. But the battle reveals that the two have more in common than anyone could have guessed. 

Anyone, that is, except the living crystals who feed elemental energy to Atlantis. 

The citizens of Atlantis depend on that energy to create better and better technologies, homes, and standards of living. Each year, they use more energy—and the crystals become more exhausted. 

Sixteen years ago, the crystals came up with a plan to make it all stop. 

As Kaliope’s fight to escape her mother’s control winds her tighter and tighter into the crystals’ plot, she struggles to make sense of her confusing feelings for Chiaran and Danica.  (Summary and cover courtesy of goodreads.com)

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review courtesy of YA Bound Blog Tours.


This was a book that I found initially very puzzling.  I don’t think the setting of the world was described very well so I found the skins/human/powers confusing.  Once I got a little further into the book I got a better sense of things, but even at the end I was unclear on a few topics.  I know this may partially be intentional for a slow reveal, but at times I found it frustrating.

World building aside, I found the characters unique and intriguing.  None of the characters are perfect, in fact Kaliope makes you dislike her quite a bit at times!  Chiaran is somewhat of a mystery, but Danica I’m glad we got to know a little better towards the end.  It was actually the characters that had me pulling up the rating a little bit, I found them refreshing and interesting.  I was disappointed we didn’t get a proper ending to the book though, it’s definitely a teaser for the next in the series!

Warning: Contains sexual content and reference to violence

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Atlantis and water fantasy fans who are looking for something with a little sexual kick!

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