Blue Dahlia (In the Garden #1)

Blue Dahlia


Recently widowed Stella Rothschild has found a new love in Logan Kitridge. But there is someone who isn't happy about Stella's growing feelings for Logan: the Harper Bride, an unidentified woman whose grief and rage have kept her spirit alive long past the death of her body.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of


Now before I go any farther I want to throw it out there that I highly recommend the full series.  I thought this was the weakest in the series, however, as it spent a lot of time setting up the basis for the remaining books so I have a few things I’d like to mention.

In the beginning Roberts had me tearing up reading about Stella’s first husband and the circumstances that brought them back “home”.  I was fascinated by the gardening tips and I was ready to go plant everything I could get my hands on by the end of it.  My only problem with the story was that I didn’t find myself completely intrigued by the romance.  The romantic story followed a fairly standard recipe though I loved the way Logan interacted with the boys.  That aside, the Harper Bride was just enough creepy without giving me nightmares at night.  I thought this was a very solid book and I would certainly recommend it.

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans looking for something with a little more background and side-story.

Want to read the whole series?