Black Rose (In the Garden #2)

Black Rose


At forty-seven, Rosalind Harper is a woman whose experiences have made her strong enough to bend without breaking--and weather any storm. A widow with three grown sons, she survived a disastrous second marriage and built her In The Garden nursery from the ground up. Through the years, In The Garden has become more than just a thriving business--it is a symbol of hope and independence to Roz, and to the two women she shares it with. Newlywed Stella and new mother Hayley are the sisters of her heart, and together the three of them are the future of In The Garden.

But now the future is under attack, and Roz knows they can't fight this battle alone. Hired to investigate Roz's Harper ancestors, Dr. Mitchell Carnegie finds himself just as intrigued with Roz herself. And as they being to unravel the puzzle of the Harper Bride's identity, Roz is shocked to find herself falling for the fascinating genealogist. Now it is a desperate race to discover the truth before the unpredictable apparition lashes out at the one woman who can help her rest in peace. (Summary and book cover courtesy of


In this continuation of the “In the Garden” series, I think this is where it really started to get good.  Roz is a no-nonsense tough woman with enough life experience to keep her from being naïve.  That being said, she’s still a nurturing mother for all who fall under her wing.  She’s my favorite character of the series so I really enjoyed this book.

As Mitchell starts to unravel some of the secrets, all of those who live in the Harper House admit the Harper Bride’s reach is expanding and becoming more disruptive.  Again, Roberts is extremely good at having just enough of a ghost story without giving me nightmares.  Since I’m a pansy (Get it? In the Garden series? BA-DUM CHISH!) when it comes to the creepy, this is much appreciated!  I found myself intrigued and staying up late hoping they’d unravel the mystery.  Definitely worth continuing the series!

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Romance fans looking for a no-nonsense main character

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