The Gift

The Gift


If you could wish for one gift this Christmas, what would it be?

Everyday Lou Suffern battled with the clock. He always had two places to be at the same time. He always had two things to do at once. When asleep he dreamed. In between dreams, he ran through the events of the day while making plans for the next. When at home with his wife and family, his mind was always someplace else.

On his way into work one early winter morning, Lou meets Gabe, a homeless man sitting outside the office building. Intrigued by him and on discovering that he could also be very useful to have around, Lou gets Gabe a job in the post room.

But soon Lou begins to regret helping Gabe. His very presence unsettles Lou and how does Gabe appear to be in two places at the same time?

As Christmas draws closer, Lou starts to understand the value of time. He sees what is truly important in life yet at the same time he learns the harshest lesson of all.

This is a story about people who not unlike parcels, hide secrets.  They cover themselves in layers until the right person unwraps them and discovers what’s inside. Sometimes you have to be unravelled in order to find out who you really are. For Lou Suffern, that took time.  (Summary and book cover courtesy of


Ok, ok I confess, I was a serious sucker for this book! In so many ways it’s the epitome of chick literature.  The book is set during the holidays and it completely fulfills so many stereotypes, but it just somehow works so beautifully.   The not-so-subtle message of the book is that life is short and that it’s good to remember the things that REALLY matter in life.  You never know when will be your last opportunity to spend time with those you care about.

The book absolutely made me cry despite my best efforts and the ending is a sad/happy at the same time.  If you’re looking for a romance or happily-ever-after with a bow; this isn’t the one for you.  I thought the book was fantastic, but just be prepared for what you’re getting into!

Rating: 5 stars!

Who should read it? Chick lit fans looking for a tear-jerking (in a good way!) holiday read.