The Heartbreak Café (Truth About You) (Lakeview #1)

The Heartbreak Cafe


One morning in the small town of Lakeview, Ella Harris finds a cardboard box on the doorstop of her cafe. At first she thinks it's her usual muffin delivery but is shocked to find that the box actually contains a newborn baby. But what kind of mother would abandon a defenseless baby like that, and why?

Could it have been newly single Nina who, after being rejected by the father of her unborn child, has no choice but to return to Lakeview to stay with her estranged (and slightly peculiar) dad? Or was it Lakeview-born Hollywood actress Eva Seymour, who on the eve of her triumphant return home from LA, has a completely ill-advised fling with a handsome co-star. A baby is certain to ruin her hard-fought-for career. Or perhaps it's happily married Jess who, as the only non-mum amongst her friends, finds herself increasingly left out. Terrified that she will lose them altogether, she embarks on becoming a mother too. But is she really rushing into something she really knows nothing about?  (Summary and book cover courtesy of


This was the first Melissa Hill book I read and I certainly was not let down after hearing how fantastic her books are.  I was convinced at three or four times that I knew exactly what was going to happen and what the answer to the pseudo-mystery was, but I was still surprised in the end.

This is a great example of a novel that intertwines a variety of stories until they all merge into one fantastic story.  The chapters alternate from the variety of perspectives providing a variety of clues looking back at the story.  I found this a nice light book that had me wishing for summer and thinking of the beach. 

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Chick lit fans looking for something that its certainly out of the norm.

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