The Guest List (Lakeview #5)

The Guest List


The wedding of her dreams? Or the stuff of nightmares? 

When funny, kind and gorgeous Shane proposes, Cara is over the moon, and can’t wait to share the news of their engagement with all their friends and family.  Excitement, however, quickly turns to apprehension when it seems that everyone has a fixed idea of the perfect wedding and offers to ‘help’ with the planning. With tussles over the ceremony and the size of the guest list, sibling rivalry and insistent in-laws-to-be, Cara can see her vision of the big day being ripped to shreds. 

So she and Shane determine to make a stand and do things their way. But when they announce their plans for a beach wedding on a beautiful Caribbean island, there is uproar. Threats are made, family secrets are revealed, and things turn decidedly stormy. Will Cara and Shane manage to overcome all obstacles? Or will their dream wedding turn into a nightmare? (Summary and book cover courtesy of


This was a fun easy read, but the premise was a little crazy to me.  While I have seen the TV shows on bridezillas and crazy tabloid articles with over-the-top weddings I was hoping that was only confined to celebrities who have lost their grasp to reality.  After seeing friends and family go through the process I can see how it could quickly spiral out of control.  As such, I enjoyed the fact that Shane and Cara stand up for themselves and make their own decisions.

This is ultimately the story about family, the crazy relationships that come with it and forgiveness that is vital to a close-knit family.  Don’t forget to expect a few twists and turns that will keep it interesting like all of Hill’s books! 

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Folks looking for a light beach read with a touch of wedding fever.

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