Never Say Never (Lakeview #3)

Never Say Never


Sometimes hopes and dreams don't go according to plan - sometimes, real life gets in the way.

On a mild May evening, a group of friends on the verge of graduating speculate on what the future holds. Will Leah be a chef? Robin an accountant? And Olivia the one who holds it all together? The one thing they know is that they'll always be friends - no matter what - but they make a pact to meet up in five years, just in case fate intervenes.

Years later it's clear that life has not gone according to plan. Why is Robin in New York determined never to go back to Dublin? Why is Olivia grieving? And why does Leah feel so left out as she heads towards the big three-o?

When Robin is forced to return, they all find themselves face to face with the past - suddenly nothing can ever be the same again. And they start to realize that sometimes it's best never to say never … (Summary and book cover courtesy of


I liked this book a lot more than “All Because of You”.  There were a lot more questions lingering out there and the ultimate reveals were serious issues.  The awkward conversations got a little old since you know they’re all build up for the final twist, but I think it was worth it in the end.  It seems all of Hill’s books have misdirection in them, which makes the narrators slightly unreliable.

If nothing else, at the end of this book, Hill had me reaching out to some of my college friends for a serious catch up and to make sure I wasn’t missing anything major!  Like all the “Lakeview” series, this was a light quick read that would be fantastic for the beach or for a quick escape. 

Rating: 4 stars!

Who should read it? Chick lit fans looking for something with twists and slightly more serious topics.

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